May 30, 2023

Climate: the inhabitants of Mouthe, in the Doubs, regret the winters of yesteryear

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In 1968, the mercury was minus 37°C in Mouthe, Doubs. Today, the inhabitants are worried about the abnormally high temperatures.
It seems like a long time ago that Mouthe, in the Doubs, was shivering. On Saturday January 14, the mercury was 7°C, so far from the legend. Fifty-five years ago, winter hit the town hard, with minus 37°C in the early morning. This exceptional temperature earned Mouthe the nickname of “little Siberia”. Later, other winters marked the minds of the inhabitants, like those of 1971 and 1985.

The last big winter was in 2013
Arsène Letoublon was a ski instructor at the time. For him, every winter was a celebration. “When you see the snow falling, it’s extraordinary. (…) It was as they used to say in those days a great winter (…) There is really something abnormal that happened for the cold to suddenly disappear,” he worries today. The last big winter in Mouthe was in 2013.