May 30, 2023

TAP regrets union decision and is willing to avoid strikes

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The CEO of TAP told Lusa today that she regretted the crew union’s decision to maintain the strike this week and to schedule more stoppages, expressing her willingness to try to find solutions to avoid further disruption.

“We are very sad, I hope we can get together again after these two days [of strikes on Thursday and Friday] and try to find a solution to avoid a disruption for everyone,” said the TAP CEO, speaking to Lusa.

Christine Ourmières-Widener regretted “deeply” the decision of the National Union of Civil Aviation Flight Personnel (SNPVAC) and stressed that the company “is available” to meet with the union, after the two-day strike of crew members, this week, which the SNPVAC decided today, in general assembly, to maintain.

The SNPVAC members also decided to schedule at least five more days of strike until January 31.

“We hope to find solutions,” stressed the executive president of TAP, recalling that the last proposal presented by TAP met nine of the 14 demands of the union and represented a total gain of eight million euros for the crew.

Christine Oumières-Widener reiterated that the “only condition” demanded by TAP was to bring forward the general meeting that took place today, in order to have more time to find alternatives for customers, should the strike continue.

“Additionally, it is common knowledge that we signed an emergency agreement last year, which includes issues on which we agreed and that are the only way to be sustainable in the future, with decisions, for example, on the number of crew members on flights, which we can not change,” pointed out the manager, stressing that “it is not possible to change this commitment with the SNPVAC” and that “they know that”.

When questioned about the company’s openness to welcome some of the union’s demands and, thus, prevent more strikes, the executive president considered that giving in “on nine of the 14 points presented by the union is a lot, in any discussion”.

“It is important to make sure that we all keep in mind that TAP is strategic for the country and that the survival of TAP and a better financial result — which we have already shown in the third quarter — are critical for the future. For the future of the company, for the future of the country and also for the future of employment for all TAP workers,” he concluded.