May 30, 2023

Christmas and New Year’s Eve: the French are ready to spend more on Christmas Eve

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Despite inflation, some French people do not skimp on culinary expenses to prepare their Christmas meal. The average basket is 127 euros this year, which is 20% more than last year.
It is the beginning of a marathon day in a supermarket. The doors open in an hour. The employees are putting the finishing touches to their well-stocked shelves. “We’re ready for them,” says a saleswoman. The day has not yet dawned and the first customers are already waiting outside. Barely opened the doors, in a few minutes, the fish market is taken by storm. The customers are there and many of them are not looking to spend money.

Truffles, caviar and foie gras on the table
“There will be lobster at home. At Christmas, we try to let go a little because already in the year with the rise in prices, we said ‘go to Christmas, we let go, we enjoy ourselves, it’s once a year’,” says a customer. Truffles, caviar, holiday products are always very appreciated, the price is not a brake. Some are still price conscious and try to remain reasonable. To attract customers, foie gras is on sale in the supermarket. The French will spend an average of 127 euros on their Christmas meal.