Disney channels are back on YouTube TV: Talking Tech podcast

Hey there, listeners. It’s Brett Molina. Welcome back to Talking Tech. If you are a subscriber to YouTube TV, you likely had a fun weekend because you probably woke up on Saturday morning, like I did, and discovered that you no longer had access to Disney channels like National Geographic, ESPN, ABC, FX, all that […]

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The Omicron variant is putting America’s coronavirus sequencing efforts to the test

Rows of scientists sit before racks of coronavirus samples inside a laboratory in Henderson, North Carolina, wearing face masks and scrubs. All hours of the day and night, they transfer the samples from tubes to processing plates, searching for answers about the virus behind these Covid-19 cases.

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The iPod turns 20. Here’s how it changed the way I think about music

Twenty years ago this weekend, Apple launched the original, iconic iPod. Six years later, I was gifted my first and only version of the device: a third-generation iPod Nano, fit with a square screen, a click wheel and an engraving on the back: “Sofia Barrett, Happy 11th Birthday.”