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CannaTech.news is a professional Medicinal Cannabis news, education and research publication. Our mission is to enable a beneficial scientific based platform and knowledge sharing for safer, more effective product and high-quality products for our readers.

We are covering science, health, research, clinical trials, education, technology, good practices and proven evidence as well as business, investment, events, regulations, news and medical cannabis industry trends.

We are committed to bringing our community the most updated, accurate, relevant information. We deliver daily updated high-end evidence based content, used by medical professionals, pharma, scientists, industry experts, patients, investors, decision makers, physicians, consultants and journalists and anyone involved in the realm of medical cannabis and herbals.

CannaTech.news  has unique capabilities for scientific data screening, professionalism, and skepticism in order to enable you accessibility for the most reliable information that will support your health needs. We are always attentive to our readers and will be happy to use our knowledge and experience in order to assist and support you. We welcome you to share your feedback and welcoming new information to be used and investigated for our future articles and news items.

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