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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

CannaTech.News Advertisement Opportunities

Are you interested in putting your product in front of the top people in the cannabis industry? Do you have a unique edge that is appealing to industry professionals and consumers alike? Do you provide special services to companies in the Medical Cannabis industry?

We are currently offering the following advertising opportunities:

  • Sponsored content – we will publish and promote your content, driving targeted traffic to your website directly.
  • Special coverage of your company/product – In-depth coverage of either your company, your product or both. This is not PR, but real news items.
  • Lead generation – In certain cases we can act as your marketing partner and convert our visitors into your paying customers.
  • Ads / Banners – Multiple ad spots available.

We also have the ability to deliver your message via our social networks, expanding your reach even further.

Contact us, below.

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CannaTech.news is a professional CannaTech (Cannabis Technology) news publication.
Covering news, business, investment, technology, legal, education, and industry trends in medical cannabis today.

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