Last week was an interesting one in the world of cannabis. From a report noting that there are more cannabis dispensaries in Colorado than Starbucks, and the first ever insurance policy to cover cannabis business losses, last week had a little of everything in the mix…

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Colorado Boasts More Cannabis Dispensaries Than Starbucks Outlets

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For the third year on a row, Colorado is proud to boast that it has more medical cannabis dispensaries than Starbucks branches, and the same applies to McDonald’s outlets! While most cities across North America seemingly have a Starbucks or fast food outlet on every street corner, Colorado is one State where you’ll find more cannabis dispensaries than anything else. To read the full article please CLICK HERE.

What Is The Most Effective Way To Promote Cannabis Business?

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Well, let’s start with the ‘Marijuana Business Factbook 2017’, as per an MBD report from a couple of days back. According to those statistics, promoting your cannabis business via word of mouth and social media are the best ways to get your brand out there, and into the minds and psyches of consumers. To read the full article please CLICK HERE.

Canada’s Cannabis Boom: Companies Moving Towards CBD

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The buzz comes off the back of rumors that the government in Canada will legalize cannabis soon, and open up 120,000 acres of hemp fields for cultivation. However, cannabis companies seem to be hedging their bets on the secondary compound in the plant; namely CBD, which is considered to be the ‘medical’ compound as it doesn’t make patients high. To read the full article please CLICK HERE.

All-New Insurance For Cannabis Rolled Out In California

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Following the recent wildfires which devastated many parts of California, a number of cannabis cultivators wished there was such thing as insurance for them at the time. While a lot of people lost a lot of money, and in some cases even lives, due to draconian legislation, it wasn’t possible for cannabis growers to have any kind of insurance, for an event like a wildfire. To read the full article please CLICK HERE.

Cannabis Compounds For Diabetes: An Effective Treatment?

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Of all the risk factors that result in diabetes, obesity is by far the largest contributor. The fat in the obese person that places them at increased risk is visceral fat. This contrasts with subcutaneous fat, which is more affectionately known as “baby fat”. To read the full article please CLICK HERE

DEA Spokesman: CBD Users Can Take Their Medicine In Peace

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After years of anti, the FDA are finally coming around to the fact that CBD in cannabis is harmless and may actually be good for you. So says the DEA anyhow. After all, the non-psychoactive compound found in the plant is a lot less damaging than so many pharmaceutical chemicals which are FDA approved. To read the full article please CLICK HERE.

Most Popular Cannabis Terpenes And Their Effects

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Cannabis has been used in medicine for thousands of years, but only with the advent of modern technology are we beginning to understand the plant’s true potential. Terpenes, sometimes called terpenoids, are aromatic organic hydrocarbons contained in the cannabis plant, which give it its unique aroma. To read the full article please CLICK HERE.

How To Ensure You’re Getting High-Quality CBD Products

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With each passing day, cannabidiol (CBD) products are becoming increasingly mainstream. Since CBD’s popularity is ever-growing, it’s been attracting investors from around the globe who are hoping to make a name for themselves in the industry. To read the full article please CLICK HERE.

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