Last week didn’t disappoint when it came to some awesome cannabis news, even though it was a mixed bag. While it was good news for many, like folks in Canada who are poised to have legal cannabis at their disposal within a year, it was bad news for growers in California who suffered terribly from wildfires.

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California Wildfire Threatening To Burn Millions Of Dollars Of Cannabis

cali fire
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The tragedy of wildfires has hit California in a big way, and millions of dollars of medical cannabis are going up in smoke. Wildfires are a force to be reckoned with, and the current furnace burning out of control across many parts of California shows no signs of abating just yet. So far the zone containing scattered blazes had swollen to an area as wide as 100 miles…To read the full article please CLICK HERE.

Trouble In Paradise: Florida Patients Forced To Wait 3 Months For Cannabis ID Cards

florida cannabis[Image credit- Pixabay]

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It took lawmakers in Florida years to introduce legislation to make provisions for medical cannabis patients. Now a 3-month waiting list?To be fair, there has been a huge surge in demand for medical cannabis in the Sunshine State, leaving Florida’s Office of Medical Marijuana Use somewhat overwhelmed. While it’s only supposed to be a 30-day wait for a card, it’s more like 3 months wait. To read the full article please CLICK HERE.

Canadian Medical Cannabis Growers Boost Cutting-Edge Research

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With the upcoming legalization of cannabis for medical and recreational use in Canada on the horizon, it’s the turn of cannabis growers to boost research

At the forefront of the initiative is scientists at the University of Guelph in Ontario, who claim that many growers are turning to researchers, in order to find out the best way to grow their crops. To read the full article please CLICK HERE.

Using THC To Treat Symptoms Of Crohn’s Disease

THC Crohns
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Crohn’s Disease is a debilitating disorder with unknown origins that can have devastating effects on those who suffer from it.While there are medications available for those who suffer from Crohn’s, more often than not, these medications don’t work and patients are forced to find alternative solutions. To read the full article please CLICK HERE.

Is Today’s Cannabis Really As Potent As The Percentages?

[Image credit- Pixabay]
Back in 2015, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) carried out a survey looking at the potency of THC in Cannabis in Colorado. They found an average of 17.1 percent for dried flower, and 62.1 percent for concentrates. Compare that with THC levels of just one percent back in the 1960’s and cannabis is now many times stronger, allegedly. To read the full article please CLICK HERE.

First Ever Cannabis Studies Degree Offered At Michigan University

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It was only a matter of time, though no one thought it would come this quickly. However, cannabis studies courses are an all-new reality, and you can take one at Michigan. Till now students at Universities like Vanderbilt and even Harvard could get credits for cannabis-related courses, but now at Michigan you can do a full cannabis course, and earn a degree. To read the full article please CLICK HERE.

Overdose Tent Offering Free Cannabis To Opioid Addicts

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For now, Sarah Blyth and her brave colleagues have opened an addiction tent in Vancouver, thought to be the epicenter of the opioid addiction crisis in Canada. And there they are offering free cannabis and CBD to anyone who is addicted to opioids. To read the full article please CLICK HERE.

Kosher Cannabis: Canada’s Jews Can Now Enjoy ‘Guilt-Free’ Medicine

Image credit :Wikimedia.Commons

For Jews in Canada, the issue of consuming Kosher cannabis, in line with Jewish religious law, was a big one until last month. Jews may only make up 1.5 percent of the Canadian population, but thousands could have felt limited as their cannabis products were not certified ‘Kosher’ by a relevant authority. To read the full article please CLICK HERE

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