It took lawmakers in Florida years to introduce legislation to make provisions for medical cannabis patients. Now a 3-month waiting list?

To be fair, there has been a huge surge in demand for medical cannabis in the Sunshine State, leaving Florida’s Office of Medical Marijuana Use somewhat overwhelmed. While it’s only supposed to be a 30-day wait for a card, it’s more like 3 months wait.

The relevant office has already publicly acknowledged the delays in procedure due to demand. Other issues include electronic payment options and electronic transfers of patient photos. On top of that, 28 new State employees are dealing with the influx of demand, but it’s still not enough.

Despite that, Christian Bax, Executive Director of the Office of Medical Marijuana Use, said, “We are doing everything we can right now to crank these cards out because we know there are patients in very difficult medical situations, and we do not want to be the bottleneck.”

A survey, carried out recently by Compassionate Cannabis Clinic showed that while not all new patients are waiting 3 months for their card, some are taking at least that long and some even longer. This leaves patients in need of relief, to have to get prescription medication like opioids from their doctor, to hold them over till their cards are received.

Many people have noted that for those in need even one month is way to long a wait. After all, no one would wait that long to get a script from their family doctor or specialist.

While it’s certainly good news that Florida is getting its act together as far as medical cannabis is concerned, the Sunshine State badly needs to iron out the kinks, sooner rather than later, to give patients in need the medicine they need in a timely manner.

[Image credit- Pixabay]


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