As market forces prevail, regulatory standards call for near-perfect product consistency from ‘cannabis extraction artists,’ coupled with cutting edge science and engineering…

To cut a very long story short, two things are at play when it comes to cannabis extraction methods, and they are high quality machines and accurate data.

For the time being, CO2 extraction machines that dominate the market today don’t coriolis flow meters to track mass flow, and they lack density calculation and feedback too. What operators need is a good understanding of the mass flow, in order to achieve consistent and desired results on a constant basis.

Furthermore, many modern systems still lack the right measuring tools to record things like actual temperature inside vessels, preventing the ability to collect accurate data in order to perfect the delicate extraction process. For this matter, it is clear that technology for this needs to deliver real-time data and offer the user accurate information at all times.

The next very crucial factor in this is solubility data, in order to assess things like the solubility of THCA at various pressures and temperatures. In the fullness of time, these experiments will be overtaken by far more rigorous ones, to account also for numerous additional factors such as complex mixtures and specific interactions of the detailed compound.

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While the science of CO2 extraction is young, it is already showing a lot of potential across numerous markets. What remains to be seen is how accurate the technology will be in the near future. And whether or not it will be accurate enough to transform the CO2 cannabis industry, and take it to the next level.


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