All-new, cutting-edge technology will cut the time required to dry cannabis by 90 percent, and triple the end product’s shelf life…

A letter of intent has already been signed between Kaamos Inc. and Protein Solutions Group (PSG) to purchase an exclusive license that allows Kaamos Inc. to sell PSG’s proprietary Protein Dried™ technology to Canadian licensed producers.

The Protein Dried product is basically an amazing, organic dehydration technology which preserves the cellular structures inside the material, also protecting the temperature-sensitive molecules found in cannabis.

CEO Donna Tremble of Kaamos Inc. said in a recent press release, “We’re excited to introduce Protein Dried™ technology to current and pending licensed cannabis producers in Canada. It is a rapidly-growing industry and this technology has tremendous potential to increase production and prevent product shortages with the legalization of recreational marijuana next year. We encourage producers to learn how this proprietary dehydration process will increase your bottom line.”

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At the same time, Robert Gorman, LLC, President at Protein Solutions Group said in the same release, “As Protein Solutions Group develops its strategic partnerships with firms around the globe, it is critical that we select people and teams with the utmost integrity, experience and reach. Kaamos Inc. is one such company. It is led by Donna Tremble who not only shares PSG’s integrity, but also our strategic vision for where we can take our Protein Dried™ technology and our other developments in the field of Proteomics.”

This is great news for the rapidly growing cannabis industry, and bodes very well for the future, especially in countries like Canada who are all set to legalize cannabis for medical and recreational use some time next year.

[Image credit- Pixabay]


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