Another week full of amazing cannabis news, and it isn’t even Christmas yet! Whether it’s CBD oil you are after, to help with pregnancy symptoms or with your next public speaking event. Or if you want more understanding as to how cannabis affects men and women differently, we suggest you read on…

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CBD Oil For Pregnancy And Ongoing Daily Preventative Care

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Giving birth to your first offspring has life-changing effects. You want your child to be healthy from the moment of conception and all the way into adulthood. In the midst of an abundance of information and fake news, how do you make the appropriate decisions regarding CBD oil for pregnancy and beyond? To read the full article please CLICK HERE.

CBD Reduces Anxiety Connected With Public Speaking

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public speaking
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A common phobia that binds us, humans, together is the fear of public speaking.Public speaking anxiety is a form of performance anxiety that can paralyse the rational mind.This anxiety forms when you are overly conscious that you may “look” anxious. Could CBD help? To read the full article please CLICK HERE.

50 Percent Of Ontarians Want Cannabis Regulated Like Alcohol

canada cannabis
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According to a brand new poll out of Ontario, Canada, 50 percent of folks there want recreational cannabis to be regulated the same way as alcohol. While the poll was by no means the largest ever conducted, featuring just 801 participants, the results are compelling, and came as a shock to some… To read the full article please CLICK HERE.

Female Cannabis Users Smarter Than Those Who Don’t?

cannabis IQ
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The Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health took a close look at 800 female participants, focusing on intelligence, grades, smoking habits etc. The Journal found that as well as the regular cannabis users having a higher IQ than the general public, women with a 50 percent higher IQ were likely to use cannabis regularly. To read the full article please CLICK HERE.

Jetty Extracts ‘Cannabis Oil’ Actually Tastes Like Cannabis

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What is it that Jetty did that was so special that deemed them worthy of such a fantastic award? Voted winner of 2017 “Best Concentrate,” Jetty Extracts accepts this award void of shock. Being the best involves actually doing the best job reasonably achievable. Those who have partaken of the Jetty nectar know the quality is unbeatable. To read the full article please CLICK HERE

Why Cannabis Is Getting More Potent

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Anyone that’s been using cannabis for a long time can attest to the fact that it’s been getting increasingly stronger…Since the late 70s when the cannabis counterculture movement was really gaining traction, THC content as increased by over 30 percent! Today’s weed definitely ain’t your grandpa’s weed…To read the full article please CLICK HERE

Taking A Closer Look At Specific Cannabis Compounds

cannabis study
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Have you ever wondered why cannabis is often so effective at treating such a wide array of medical conditions? Well, it’s mostly down to the many active chemical compounds that the plant produces. These chemicals are called cannabinoids, and it’s these cannabinoids and their specific ratios that, when smoked or ingested, make this fast-growing weed so effective at treating so many ailments. To read the full article please CLICK HERE.

How Does Cannabis Affect Men And Women Differently?

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The title may sound like the start of a gender war but it’s anything but. When it comes to women’s health specifically, what promises does cannabis hold for the fairer of the species?And does cannabis affect women differently to men? To read the full article please CLICK HERE

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