What is the CBD Testers Program all about:

When we have created the CBD Testers Program we had two goals in our mind:
A. Introduce high-quality CBD products to the market
B. Reduce the price by requesting bulk discounts.

I am pleased to inform you that soon (I hope even by the end of this month), we will see the first group of testers receiving 100-200 free samples (most likely US members, testing softgels) and we are currently working on another deal for the UK, to test a premium CBD Oil.

Please ask your friends to Join the CBD Testers Program.

The CBD Testers program consists of two main groups: the CBD Testers who test products for us and the CBD Supporters who perform as a consumer force. Both are equal members of our community, but only the CBD testers have access to free samples and premium features, such as direct contact to MD, personal recommendations, etc.

The role of the CBD Testers is to test, review and identify high-quality CBD products. The role of the CBD Supporters is to perform as a consumers group, allowing us to reach out to approved suppliers of high-quality products, with a request for bulk discounts.

Once our testers identify a high-quality product we all could benefit from, we will reach out and request a discount, allowing both testers and supporters to buy it for a reasonable price. This way we all can benefit from the work done by the testers, and beside getting our hands on high-quality products, we will also create a good momentum toward higher-quality products, pushing the suppliers to develop better products, for the benefit of us all.

As mentioned above, the way the CBD testers program work is by us contacting the suppliers and ask them to send us samples. Based on the size and power of our group, they will comply with our quality demands and provide us better products with a larger bulk discount. Therefore, we are asking you guys to keep on bringing more people to the group, even only as CBD Supporters.

Currently, we growing fast and suppliers are starting to pay us attention, but we still need more people to join out consumer group, to reach a number they just can’t afford to refuse our requests for both samples and the bulk discount.

We are almost there…

Please ask your friends to Join the CBD Testers Program. Let’s become a positive force and push the CBD industry toward better and more high-quality products!


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