The past week was another groundbreaking one for the global medical cannabis initiative, with partial legalization taking place in certain cities of Switzerland, Lady Gage sharing her experiences with cannabis, and a report on a study which looked at the interesting subject of how cannabis affects men and women differently.

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Study: Legal Medical Cannabis Could Save Up To 50,000 Lives Annually

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A new study has found that if medical cannabis were to be legalized nationally, up to 50,000 human lives could be saved a year. The study, undertaken by the University of Indiana, authored by Dr. Thomas M. Clark, looked at previous research and evaluated how more medical cannabis could save lives in America. To read the full article please CLICK HERE.

Five Foot Two: Lady Gaga’s Intimate Diary Of Chronic Pain And Triumph

lady gaga
Image credit- Wikimedia.Commons

Lady Gaga is the subject of the new Netflix documentary, Five Foot Two, that is compelling for people far beyond her “normal” fans. Gaga is a fascinating Phenom. The child of privilege, and private schools in Manhattan, dropped out on the verge of art school to “slum it” in the world of the Lower East Side. To read the full article please CLICK HERE

Ten Grams Of Cannabis For Personal Possession Approved In Switzerland

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swiss cannabis
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The Swiss Federal Court just made it legal in some cities for people to posses up to 10 grams of cannabis for personal use, without it being a crime. The cities included in the new regulations are Zurich, Winterthur and the Canton of St. Gallen, although additional cities may be added to the list later. To read the full article please CLICK HERE

Ontario Considers Government Price Setting For Cannabis

canada cannabis
Image credit: Flickr

The provincial government in Ontario is currently considering setting the price for cannabis in the province at $10 per gram. At the moment, the plan is to create a series of government-controlled stores too. The idea at least, is to deter the black market. To read the full article please CLICK HERE

New Cannabis Patch for Treating Nerve Pain is Currently Under Development

cannabis patch
Image credit- Pixabay

For centuries, cannabis has been used as a homeopathic remedy to treat many disorders. Evidence shows that cannabis can be used to treat everything from neurological disorders, cancer, rheumatism, epilepsy, sexual disorders, pain, and more….To read the full article please CLICK HERE

Top 10 Most Unique Cannabis Products

Image credit- Wikimedia.Commons

What was the first “most interesting” little fact you remember learning about cannabis? Like, the one mind blowing statement of truth that is hard to wrap your mind around? This one piece of bizarre truth is that hemp and cannabis have over 50,000 industrial uses. To read the full article please CLICK HERE

Study: Low Doses Of THC Could Restore Memory Function

study cbd
Image credit- Pixabay]

With all the speculation around regarding medical benefits of cannabis, a new study has found that low doses of THC could help restore memory, at least in mice. So, you ask, it works for mice but what about humans? We will get to that part in due course, but the study itself is a very interesting one for those in the field of researching medical cannabis. To read the full article please CLICK HERE

How Does Cannabis Affect Men And Women Differently?

cannabis test
Image credit- Pixabay

The title of this story may sound like the start of a gender war but it’s anything but. When it comes to women’s health specifically, what promises does cannabis hold for the fairer of the species?And does cannabis affect women differently to men? To read the full article please CLICK HERE.

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