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Cannabis Use At 20-Year Low: Federal Report

teen cannabis
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According to numerous media outlets, the feds just released details confirming that cannabis consumption among teens in the US reached a 20-year low in 2016, while alcohol consumption rose. And, In a double whammy to the Feds, not only does cannabis use among teens appear to have fallen due to legislation and rapidly changing attitudes, but alcohol has risen too. (Click title for full article)

Volatility In Cannabis Land: Will It Affect Prices For Consumers?

cannabis medicineImage credit: Pixabay

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The debate about the price of cannabis as well as its imminent “collapse” or price hikes has been around since there has been a legal market.Then there are new wrinkles that so far have not been priced into any of these predictions. If anything, the price of cannabis is going to increase, dramatically, globally over the next 18 months. (Click title for full article)

NC State University Begins Ground-Breaking Hemp Research Project

NC State
Image credit: Wikimedia.Commons

The epicentre of global cannabis research is certainly not found in North Carolina. The southern state, in fact, is one of the many battlegrounds for legalization left in the United States. Now, a prominent state university, NC State, is moving into some interesting territory…(Click title for full article)

Top Cannabis Tours With The Best Reviews

Image credit-Wikimedia.Commons

As legalization continues to pop up around the world, we cannabis connoisseurs desire more weed. Not only MORE weed but more variety of weed. Different experiences at higher levels of potency, all while consuming it the most “trendy” way possible.If you are an avid cannabis consumer, you may begin to feel the proper amounts of relief, with this news. After almost 100 years of prohibition…(Click title for full article)

CBD Completely Safe For Humans: Fact Or Fiction?

cbd product
Image credit- Flickr

CBD is proving to be a very valuable medicine, with its therapeutic effects being utilized in the treatment of a wide range of conditions including psychiatric disorders, neuropathic pain, and inflammatory diseases. Although THC has garnered much of the attention surrounding the therapeutic uses of cannabis, in recent years, it’s CBD that has found itself in the spotlight. The facts…(Click title for full article)

Cannabis ‘Strain Hunters’ Are On A Quest To Preserve Rare Species

Strain Hunters
Image credit- Wikimedia.Commons

Cannabis ‘Strain Hunters’ Are Traveling The World On A Mission To Preserve Cannabis. For over 34 years, Strain Hunters have been traveling the world on a mission. Their simple mission involves a “call to duty” to preserve and enjoy this amazing plant. This is exactly what Strain Hunters are doing. They are scouring the world, searching for the next great cannabis strain to bring home to win a cannabis cup. (Click title for full article)

When Will UK Move On Cannabis Legalization?

Image credit: Pixabay

It is becoming an embarrassment. The British government, despite major pressure from its own citizens and reform elsewhere, including in the EU, has stuck to its guns on cannabis. So far, and as of July, the word from officials was that there was “no intention” of reforming the country’s cannabis laws. But now…(Click title for full article)

Will California’s Old Time Cannabis Farmers Make The Jump To Legalization?

Image credit: Pixabay

It is a question that has arisen in a lot of states as legalization becomes reality. People and even companies who have established thriving if grey-market legit cannabis growing operations, cannot make the jump to a fully legal world. What will become of Californians caught in this conundrum now? (Click title for full article)

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