Another epic week in the world of medical cannabis has passed, and we’re taking a look at the best way to store your cannabis, how cannabis is taking the beauty industry by storm and how a daily dose could mitigate the effects of aging.

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What Is The Best Way To Store Your Cannabis For Potency?

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Zip lock baggies, glass jars, plastic jars? Do you know what the best way to store cannabis is to keep it fresh and potent for the long-term? Other factors like storing temperatures, light exposure and humidity levels are all factors which need to be taken into account when storing cannabis.


Cannabis Products Are Taking The Beauty Industry By Storm

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Most folks wouldn’t necessarily assume any connection between cannabis and beauty products but they’d be wrong. As it happens, many people think that some of the compounds in cannabis work to promote healthy, young looking skin. They produce no identifiable high, and are holistic and natural. 


Daily Dose Of Cannabis Could Offset Effects Of Aging

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Forget stereotypes about ‘stoners’ as new research out of Hebrew University claims a daily dose could protect the brain. Scientists at the University of Bonn, in conjunction with researchers in Jerusalem, claim that low, regular daily doses of cannabis could help the human brain from deteriorating with age.

Advice For Daily Cannabis Patients Who Want To Stay Productive

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For patients who need to take cannabis daily to manage their symptoms, feeling ‘stoned’ all the time can have its down sides. Cannabis is no way near as debilitating as many prescription drugs on the market. However, certain strains can make you docile and lethargic. So how can you stay ahead of the tiredness and remain productive?  

New Medical Cannabis Patients Advised To ‘Start Slow And Dose Low’

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When commencing any new medication, doctors always advise patients titrate up slowly, in order to reach their ideal dosage, without feeling any bad side effects. The same principle applies to cannabis, which needs to be taken correctly and in the right dose for maximum effect. So how do you know what the right does is for you?


Synthetic Vs. Natural Hemp CBD Extract: Is There A Clear Winner?

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When it comes to complex area of CBD, there are a number of different products available on the market today. So how do you know which one is the best for you? While natural hemp CBD extract has numerous medicinal benefits, some people believe that the lab-grown synthetic type is superior, in terms of effects and dosage control. 


What’s The Future Of Single Cannabinoid Molecule Extracts?

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How Are Corporations racing To Gain Control Over The Future Of Single Cannabinoid Molecule Extracts? THC, CBD, CBN, the list of cannabis compounds can seem endless. But what is the future of single cannabinoid molecule extracts and how should they be prescribed to patients in need if at all?

New Study Links Cannabis Intake To Dampened Stress Response

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Washington State University have just released the results of their newest research. They examined the impact of cannabis on individuals with acute stress levels. While the research wasn’t totally conclusive, it did show some interesting hints proving that cannabis offered a “muted stress response” in certain individuals. 

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