Are There “Real” Lab-Grown Synthetic CBD Benefits Over Natural Hemp CBD Extracts?

Why would you ever need to look at synthetics CBD benefits? Isn’t nature more safe and effective a healing? Doesn’t nature, whole plant CBD, already provide “ALL” the healing we need?
Girolamo Fracastoro was appointed a university professor at the age of 19 and later went on to discover “germ” theory, in 1546. He gave credibility to the biomedical model where microorganisms caused diseases. Stating there is a specific cure for each specific ailment.
Chloral hydrate was the first synthetic drug created in a lab in 1869. Before synthetics and germ theory, the first “drugs” came from nature. Nature offered cures in the form of fungi, roots, vines, herbs, and plants.

Before Synthetic Drugs, Nature’s Pharmacy Is All There Was To Offer Relief From Pain

A white willow tree extract provided centuries of relief from fever and inflammation. This “type” of extract (acetylsalicylic acid) is now found in modern day aspirin. What makes the difference between lab-made synthetics and a plant extract synthesis? What advantages come from modern medical methods? Even if we KNOW that nature has advantages, could it be possible that lab created drugs have their place in modern society?

Why In The World Would You Choose Synthetic CBD Benefits Vs Natural Whole Plant Extract CBD?

Here are some reasons to consider synthetic CBD benefits over natural whole plant extracted CBD:

  • Synthetic CBD is often cheaper than the whole plant extract.
  • They have higher purity and a lesser chances of contamination.
  • It is more potent than the plant extract.
  • Easier to use or administer.
  • Greater concentration of CBD.
  • 100% bioavailability through IV (intravenous).
Are there enough synthetic CBD benefits to justify hopping to that side of the fence? Would paying less money be enough of a sell to motivate you to make the transition to synthetic CBD benefits? Is higher potency “better” than what nature provides long term? Does a higher CBD concentration get you the desired result better and faster? Is a 100% “pure” isolated CBD molecule more effective than a whole plant extract?

What About The Disadvantages Of Natural Whole Plant CBD Extracts?

Before the American Civil War, our primary caregivers were native healers and herbologists. During this era, synthetics drugs were not available. No matter how advanced our understanding of medication, safety was always of most importance. Both synthetic drugs and natural remedies have their dangers.
Herbal therapies are holistic and focus on healing the whole person, not “only” the disease. Holistic healers observe your lifestyle, emotions, mind and, spirit to determine the appropriate healing method. A 2015 publication in the Journal of Nephropharmacology says herbs do not generally produce adverse effects. Even though medicinal plants are used plenty, they can be toxic and not at all effective.

How Does Toxic Poisoning Occur From Herbal Remedies?

Herbal poisoning occurs due to a handful of factors. The main factors include mislabeling, incorrect preparation or the “healer” could have had poor training. Above all, incorrect preparation has the potential to cause the most problems.
Synthetic CBD benefits have the advantage of purity because it gets created inside of a sterile laboratory. Whereas cannabis is not very well regulated in who grows it, how it’s grown, and how is the CBD was extracted. Most of the cannabis on the market doesn’t get lab tested for safety and purity. Thus, not having FDA approval increases the risk of toxicity via unknown chemical methods.
Natural whole plant extracted CBD could have been grown in any environment. The uncertainty of whether the soil had contaminants in it enough to ask questions. Was the plant CBD extracted from ideal conditions? How do you know dangerous chemicals weren’t used to treat the plant? What toxins did the soil around the cannabis plant have in it?
These questions are appropriate because hemp has the ability to “clean” the soil around it. Any contaminants that are in the dirt, the hemp plant is growing in, are being “sucked” up into your, soon to be, CBD oil.

What Are The Real Synthetic CBD Benefits

Synthetic CBD benefits have the advantage over whole plant extracts because:

  • Each synthetic CBD molecule gets manufactured with consistency.
  • All synthetics have a standard to uphold.
  • There are no unknown chemicals.
  • Plants are grown by “whoever” and can fluctuate in strength and purity based on how it was grown.
  • A detailed chemical analysis isn’t the norm with herbal drug labels.
  • FDA regulations are not controlled on all natural remedies.
  • Natural remedies don’t have the clinical evidence of FDA proven safety.
  • Many natural meds don’t have to go through quality control.
  • No real guaranteed measure of consistency and purity.
  • Very little clinical evidence displaying natural drugs showing results on people.
Knowing the high standards of synthetic drugs help us keep our standards remarkably high. Synthetic CBD producers are on the rise and could begin to dominate the market sooner than expected. Our solution, to side step the pros and cons of synthetic CBD, involves lab testing all our products to maintain consistency and purity. Whether the Dangers Of Synthetic CBD are real or not, we should prepare our minds with accurate information. Get started with safe high-quality CBD that has been lab tested and is free of impurities.
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