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Federal Court Ruling: Medical Cannabis Patients Can Sue Employers

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In an interesting turn or events, a Federal Court in Connecticut ruled last week that approved medical cannabis employees can now sue their employers if they are refused work or fired after a positive test for cannabis. That’s great news for medical cannabis employees who are scared to admit they take cannabis instead of dangerous meds to treat their condition. 

Which States Are Set To Legalize Recreational Cannabis Soon?

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Numerous states across America have already made cannabis legal for medical purposes, while others went the whole hog and even legalized recreational use. But which states are on the brink of making cannabis legal for anyone sometime soon? We take a closer look at the CannaMap. 

Best Herbs To Vaporize Or Smoke With Cannabis 

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While many are well aware of the numerous benefits that cannabis has, some don’t know that various herbs can be neatly paired with it, to enhance the experience even more. Herbs like kratom, lavender, and St. John’s Wort can improve the taste of cannabis, as well as the effects.

Study: Medical Cannabis May Promote Good Heart Health

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There may well be a strong association between taking medical cannabis and promoting good heart health. According to numerous studies, looked at the cardiovascular system, and more closely at how cardiovascular disease in medical cannabis patients is often different to those who do not take cannabis. 

Some Of The Healthiest Ways To Take Cannabis Medicinally

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There are numerous healthy ways to take cannabis, you just need to know how it’s done. And that’s especially useful for people who want to enjoy their medicine guilt free, and without stinking and coughing up a lung.

Study: Single Dose Of CBD Shown To Reduce Blood Pressure

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One recent study is claiming that just one dose of strong CBD could reduce blood pressure immediately, and that’s great news for patients with heart conditions. The same study also suggested that CBD hemp extracts could be used to treat a whole host of cardiovascular disorders.

What Is Craft Cannabis?

craft cannabis

Craft cannabis is a high-end product associated with cannabis, just like in any market, where there’s low, middle and top of the range products. For the cannabis connoisseur, craft cannabis represents the very finest buds, grown, cured and flushed to perfection, which will usually cost top dollar but are well worth the extra. 

High-Grade CBD Hemp Buds Now On Sale In The UK

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High THC product has been around in the UK for decades, albeit not legally. But now there are people who want the medical effects of cannabis, but without the sometimes confusing high associated with it.

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