Another fascinating week in the world of medical cannabis across the globe just happened, and CannaTech were there to cover it all

From the risks of cannabis in the workplace to Cannabis and the elderly, from a pharmacological standpoint, we also took a close look at the black market of cannabis, and what Canada is doing to stop it.

Cannabis And The Elderly: A Neurophysiological And Pharmacological Review

elderly cannabis

Folks aged 65+ are one of the most unique and complex demographics to treat with medical cannabis. While these baby boomers are frail in some cases, it makes sense that natural remedies may be preferable to strong chemical prescription drugs. illnesses such as cancer and chronic pain are more prevalent in older populations and require a multimodal treatment approach. 

The Medical Cannabis Black Market: Can It Be Stopped?

black cannabis

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Medical cannabis is sold on the black market even in states and countries where it is legal and/or decriminalized. Sometimes, dealers even hang out outside medical cannabis dispensaries due to patient’s needs not being met by their service provider. States grow much more medical cannabis than can possibly be consumed by their residents. and that’s where the issues begin. 

Cannabis At Work: What All Employees Need To Know

cannabis work

For people working in offices, rights when it comes to the use of medical cannabis can be tricky, and even a minefield for some. In the United States, this has been a long-standing argument to end the drug war on cannabis specifically. As such, a casual user can find themselves in some trouble if they ever get tested for drugs. The solution? 

A Good Bet: Investing In Canada’s Medical Cannabis Industry

canada cannabis

If you are thinking about investing in the medical cannabis industry, Canada is a great place to start. Canadian medical cannabis investment is increasing, as the industry soars to new heights and awaits new cannabis regulations. A similar principle applies also in the States as well as in some countries across Europe. So is investing in Canadian cannabis a good bet for you?

Report: FDA Asking Patients To Provide CBD Feedback

FDA cannabis

In an unexpected move, the FDA recently announced that they are all set to ask consumers and patients to give them feedback regarding CBD as well as other aspects of their cannabis use. The FDA is asking people to submit comments by September 13th, 2017, regarding their experiences with cannabis. A closer look at the details. 

Israeli Health Ministry Approves Export Of Medical Cannabis

israel cannabis

The Israeli health and finance ministries just gave the go ahead for medical cannabis export from Israel to the rest of the world. The Jewish State has long-been at the forefront of medical cannabis research and has pioneered cutting-edge technology and solutions for medical cannabis patents. What would an export situation look like? 

Federal Government: $3.8 Million Grant To Study Cannabis’ Effects On Opioid Addiction

medical cannabis

Finally, some more good news for medical cannabis, and this time it’s at a Federal level. The National Institutes of Health  recently gave a five-year, $3.8 million grant to research cannabis’ effects on opioid addiction. The grant, awarded to scientists at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore Health System, will look at the possibility of medical cannabis being used to wean opioid addicts off of their dangerous medication, with cannabis.

From MedBox To MassRoots: What Is The Future For The American Public Cannabis Company?


The future for American cannabis is bright and that’s a fact. But what about public cannabis companies there who are also looking to the future? MedBox and MassRoots are two names that could be at the top of the pile, but is the way paved for other cannabis companies, or is the space already ‘taken’?

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