Once again, CBD and CBD Oil were the talk of the town last week, with USA stopping CBD export, Canada may be facing a cannabis shortage and synthetic CBD becoming legal in Malta.

We took a closer look at how medical cannabis could be used to treat a whole host of issues, including Parkinson’s Disease, and even as a ‘P4’ style medication.

How Medical Cannabis Could Treat Parkinson’s Disease

parkinsons cannabis

While medical studies on Parkinson’s are by no means complete, there have been many promising findings both in the medical lab and outside of it, which may be indicators of future treatments that could be based on medical cannabis. So how could cannabis mitigate the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease? 

Is There A Looming Medical Cannabis Shortage In Canada?

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Even though they produce pounds of cannabis on a monthly basis, Canadian growers are still behind and worrying about meeting market demand. The shortages reported so far this summer extend beyond just dry herb, and also includes a serious CBD shortage too. But is this more than just a local Canadian issue?

How Microdosing With Cannabis Could Improve Your Sex Life

sex and cannabis

When it comes to cannabis and sex, science has yet to harness the neurobiological mechanism of sexual activity, to better enable us to control it, and cure those who are deficient. But how could microdosing with cannabis specifically enhance your sex life?

Report: U.S May Begin Preventing CBD Exports

CBD exports

It may depend specifically on the actual product, but there is good reason for concern among CBD lovers. A new report is claiming that attempts to export CBD isolates from the US has been blocked at the border. According to that source, the situation is only limited to CBD (Cannabidiol) isolates, so exporting CBD Oil under the label of “Hemp Oil” might still work. The implications…

Will Catalonia Become The New ‘Colorado’ Of The EU?

Catalonia cannabis

The state of Catalonia, located on the upper North-Eastern Mediterranean coast of Spain has been an independent voice in the region for decades. But will this small Spanish enclave soon become the Colorado of the EU? Some people think that that eventuality is already a foregone conclusion. 

New Harvard Poll: Legal Cannabis Makes Societies Better

society cannabis

A brand new Harvard-Harris poll just put the cat among the pigeons, after it found that more than half of all American adults believe that cannabis leads to a ‘better’ or improved society.The poll found that 57 percent of Americans responded ‘better’ when asked the direct question: “Do you think legalizing marijuana makes societies better or worse?” Could it be true?

The Confusing State Of Medical Cannabis In Malta As Synthetic CBD Oil Is Legalized

malta cannabis

The small Mediterranean country of Malta finds itself in the midst of a controversial cannabis debate, specifically regarding synthetic CBD oil. However, the inflated price and limited availability of this lab-made oil could make it particularly difficult for most of the population to get it to treat their pain and other symptoms. 

Could Cannabis Be Used As ‘P4’ Medicine For Patients?

medical herbs p4

While most folks now know that cannabis has the ability to heal a diverse range of ailments, most never considered incorporating it into a daily healthcare regime. However, more and more people are starting to classify cannabis as a preventative treatment option, right along with vitamins, exercise, and healthy eating. 

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