Intec Pharma, an Israel-based medical cannabis company, just announced that phase 1 trials of their Accordion (controlled-release) Pill had been promising, and that pharmaceutical delivery of THC and CBD could be a thing of the future.

In the study, 21 healthy subjects were recruited and randomized and received either the Intec formulation or GW Pharmaceuticals’ Sativex spray. The idea from Intec was to prove that their delivery technology was superior, meaning a slow release of compounds without the ‘highs and lows.’

The study so far has set Intec in good stead, as it linked Intec’s AP-CBD/THC to median exposure times two to three times longer than those achieved by Sativex. Furthermore, it also associated AP-CBD/THC with a 25% or more drop in THC metabolites. Intec sees this as a key data point for its candidate.

AS COO Nadav Navon explained, “We are particularly pleased to see the reduction in THC metabolite, which tells us that the AP-CBD/THC avoided some of the hepatic first-pass metabolism of THC.”

Keen to avoid first-pass metabolism issues in their product, Intec noted that at least some of the THC delivered in Sativex undergoes first-pass metabolism to create the psychoactive metabolite 11-OH-THC. The whole idea behind Sativex was that it delivered the active compounds via an oromucosal spray.

The difference with the Intec product is that it is delivering CBD and THC through the digestive system.

Intec intends to carry out further research on this cutting-edge product, and are looking at potential clinical development by the end of 2017.

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