Last week saw some fascinating news for cannabis patients. CBD featured in the news throughout the week, as it becomes clear that CBD (cannabidiol) offers numerous health benefits for a variety of issues. However, we never stopped to ask if CBD is safe for Humans?…  Having looked at cannabis terpenes in detail, we also looked at how the plant could help to treat Rheumatism.

Check Out These Amazing CBD Oil Health Benefits

CBD oil
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CBD offers numerous medicinal benefits and general functionality for users. So it’s no surprise that this sector is expected to outpace the rest of the cannabis industry within a few years. But just how can CBD oils, tinctures and products help to cure illnesses? 

Is Cannabidiol (CBD) Safe For Humans?

CBD study

Chronic use and high doses of CBD have repeatedly shown to be well tolerated by humans, with no neurological, psychiatric, or clinical adverse effects. However, no one is quite sure how many conditions could be treated by CBD as the list keep on growing and expanding. Could CBD help with your condition? 

How Medical Cannabis Could Heal Your Pets

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While for humans the fourth of July is a time for celebration and fun, pets, and especially dogs don’t enjoy it half as much. Your poor pooch stands there, cowering behind your ankles as you and your friends marvel at the fireworks lighting the sky above. How about a natural remedy to calm Rover? 

How Does Medical Cannabis Interact With The Immune System?

immune cannabis

With increasing acceptance and legality throughout the United States, Latin America and Europe, medical cannabis and cannabis extracts are being recommended by professionals along with, and often instead of more traditional treatments. So how does cannabis interact with the human immune system that makes it so effective for so many people? 

Simple Explanation Of Popular Cannabis Terpenes And Their Effects


Most people have only ever heard of THC and CBD as the main compounds in cannabis that give the euphoric effects. But no one really think about the flavanoids and terpenes which give the plant its unique smell and flavor. Ever wondered what terpenes are and what effect they have? 

Could Medical Cannabis Be Used To Treat Rheumatism?

CBD research
Image credit – CBD Research

Rheumatic diseases are one of the most common chronic conditions that see doctor’s offices full of patients, wanting some kind of relief from their daily pain. Some medical professionals are now looking into how cannabis could offer natural relief to those in pain. 

Cannabinoids For The Treatment Of ADHD: Is It All In Your Head?

ADHD Cannabis

ADHD is a relatively new condition which affects kids and adults alike. It’s a condition for which medical professionals are often left standing, wondering how best to treat it delicately and fully. Could the active compounds in cannabis known as ‘cannabinoids’ be used to treat ADHD?

Cannabis With Your Coffee: Good Or Bad Idea?

THC coffee

The reality is that millions of people take and love both coffee and cannabis together. But is there a specific reaction when cannabis and caffein are taken together? The answer to that one is: It depends, on various factors which could change daily. We take a closer look…

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