From weight loss to ‘cannacurrency,’ last week saw some varied developments in the world of medical cannabis. While we looked at regular cannabis intake and its connection with weight loss, it was also a good week for veterans who are all set to gain access to their medical cannabis, endorsed on a federal level. Check out all the other breaking news items from last week…

Medical Cannabis Approved For Veterans At Federal Level

Vet cannabis

Who deserves better medical care than veterans who have literally risked their limbs for ‘king and country?’ That’s why the latest move to give vets access to their much-needed medical cannabis is good news for thousands of people. And this time, even the Feds are on board.

Studies Show Medical Cannabis Could Stimulate Weight Loss

BMI Cannabis

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Most people associate cannabis with the ‘munchies’ and may assume that patients who take cannabis are on the chubby side. However, nothing could be further from the truth according to the latest studies. Let’s take a closer look at lower body mass index among patients.

Is Vaporizing Cannabis Healthier And More Effective Than Smoking It?

It is estimated that the majority of medical cannabis patients smoke joints. However, there is an increasing movement of people who are choosing to vaporize their cannabis, instead of smoking it, claiming it gives them superior effects without the smell and coughing.

German Cannabis Grow Bid Finalists Proceed To Next Round

Germany cannabis

Medical cannabis is all the talk in Europe right now, especially in countries like Switzerland and Germany. Germany looks set to legalize cannabis for medical use any time now, with high-CBD strains being the preferred option there. We’re looking at the newest grow bid finalists in Germany, with an eye to a green future.

Using Cannabis To Treat Drug-Resistant Forms Of Epilepsy

Epilepsy CBD

Treating epilepsy with medical cannabis dates back at least to 1800 BC, if not further back. While clinical trials only began in the 1970s, there is renewed interest and a lot of buzz surrounding the possible benefits of using cannabis specifically to treat people with epilepsy.

How CBD Changes The Brain To Treat Psychiatric Disorders

CBD Brain

CBD, or cannabidiol as it is known, is one of the compounds in cannabis which is receiving a lot of attention lately. While THC has traditionally been the forerunner, what role could CBD play in actually healing the human brain from various psychiatric disorders on an ongoing and safe basis?

Will Cannabis Be Australia’s Next Growth Engine?

Australia Cannabis

Australia may be the ‘land down under’ but they are anything but down under when it comes to medical cannabis provisions. As it stands, medical cannabis could become legal in Australia soon enough, but will it also mean a financial boom for the cannabis industry there?

Bitcoin and Cannabis: Is There Any Hope For Medical Cannabis Coins?


One of the things that plagues the cannabis industry is the fact that most banks won’t accept transactions in standard tender, due to various legal issues. Could it be time for some kind of Bitcoin for cannabis? Perhaps a ‘Cannacoin’ system? We take a look at legal and financial implications.

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