Last week was a vital week in the world of cannabis news. Far-reaching regulation changes were rolled out across a number of different countries, with probably the most interesting news coming from Latin America, in this case from Uruguay. From the future of cannabis to potential medical applications for conditions like psoriasis, this is one news digest you won’t want to miss.

CBD Consumer Market Expected To Reach $2.1 Billion By 2020

Cannabis Business

Since 2015 the medical cannabis market has been growing at a more than healthy rate. The fact that it’s expected to top $2.1 billion by 2020 is an even more confounding, not to mention the little-known fact. Interesting times are ahead, not just for the cannabis industry, but for many other people too.

The Medical Cannabis Patient Of The Future

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As it stands currently, there are at least two million Americans who receive medical cannabis dispensations of one form or another. In California for example, a state with medical cannabis provisions since 1996, at least 20 patients per thousand state residents are medical cannabis users. 

Differences Between U.S. And Canadian Medical Cannabis Regulations

canada vs usa cannabis

Many folks get confused when it comes to the differences between state legislation for medical cannabis, and for good reason. Just take a look at Canada, a country without separate states like America, and you can begin to understand that medical cannabis legislation is anything but simple or straightforward.

Could Cannabis Be Used Medically To Treat Psoriasis?

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Medical cannabis is an effective treatment for a wide number of medical conditions including Crohn’s disease, glaucoma, and now, it seems, possibly in the treatment of psoriasis. It all has to do with the immune system, and the latest findings are certainly compelling. 

Children, Cancer, And Cannabinoids

cancer cannabis

There’s one thing all adults and parents agree on, and that is that the children of today are our future. Now, medical science is revealing that various non-psychoactive cannabinoids within cannabis could be lifesavers for kids who are suffering. 


New Research Shows Cannabidiol (CBD) Reduces Incision Pain

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New research has found that CBD or Cannabidiol, can attenuate the pain caused to patients by surgical incisions. The new study out of Brazil took a close look at the effects of CBD on pain and came back with some fascinating conclusions. 

Could Cannabidiol Be Used to Treat ASIA Syndrome?

Cannabis ASIA

Cannabidiol (CBD) is known to treat an array of medical conditions, the most recent being ASIA Syndrome, an autoimmune disease that is steadily increasing in developed countries. But what is the connection between CBD and this new syndrome? We took a close look at the facts, in order to find some meaningful answers. 

Medical Cannabis Direct To Public In Uruguay Pharmacies

Uruguay cannabis

Uruguay is now the first country in recent history to sell cannabis directly to the patient via a network of pharmacies in the Latin American state. Uruguay legalized cannabis for recreational use back in 2013 and the latest steps are hoped to help thousands of medical patients in need.

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