Last week was an interesting one in the world of medical cannabis, with some new news items which talked about recent studies showing the numerous benefits of cannabis for treating a variety of medical issues. We took a closer look at new regulations and legislation around the world, as well as some interesting studies showing how THC could help with opioid addiction and improve memory function.

97% Of Patients Decrease Opioid Medication With Cannabis: New Study Finds

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A new study has found that 97 percent of patients suffering from chronic pain decrease their opioid medication when using cannabis. That’s wonderful news for patients who would prefer not to take opioid medications to deal with their symptoms, favoring a natural and holistic alternative such as medical cannabis.

Is Cannabis An Effective Treatment For Diabetes?

Image credit- Medway

Of all the risk factors that result in diabetes, obesity is by far the largest contributor. Now, new research has suggested that there may be an interesting and deep connection between cannabis and diabetes, one that needs a lot more exploration in order to arrive at the truth. The research is compelling, and not something to be underestimated.

The Future For European Medical Cannabis Reform And Legislation

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Cannabis reform is a big subject in Europe these days, with the predominant focus being on its potential medical applications for patients in need. That said, there are many changes happening on the continents, which could have massive implications for the future of medicine. 

Low Doses Of THC Could Help Restore Memory: Study Finds

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With all the speculation around regarding medical benefits of cannabis, a new study has found that low doses of THC could help restore memory, at least in mice. While that’s great news for mice, sort of, what impact if any does this have on the human brain? WE take a closer look at the connection between cannabis and memory.

Germany Introduces Wider Medical Cannabis Program

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Image credit: High Times

2017 has been a big year for cannabis legalization in Germany, as the German Bundesrat unanimously voted in favor of medical use. While high-CBD strains are the preferred method, this is great news for all cannabis patients who need easier access to their medicine. 

CBD Cannabis Cigarettes To Hit Swiss Supermarkets

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From July 24, it will be possible to buy boxes of CBD-rich cannabis cigarettes from supermarkets and news kiosks in Switzerland. the move comes as the country moves towards CBD products to treat a whole host of issues. The new product, it is hoped, will help thousands of patients to get the relief they need. 

Are Cannabis Effects Different For Men And Women?

Image credit: EmpowHER

The title may sound like the start of a gender war but it’s anything but. When it comes to women’s health specifically, what promises does cannabis hold for the fairer of the species? And does cannabis affect women differently to men? The answer to this interesting question is a fascinating one.

Could Microdosing With Cannabis Help You Between The Sheets?

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Image credit- Green Rush Daily

For many, there’s a strong connection between cannabis and sex, and there’s a reason for that, as it’s backed up by research which looked at the interesting effects of cannabis on hormones in both men and women. But how could ‘microdosing’ help you with your sex life? 

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