As cannabis becomes legal in more and more states across America for medical use, New Mexico has seen a surge in patients opting for cannabis over the past year.

The growing industry isn’t just good news for patients of all types, as well as economic backgrounds, but also for the job opportunities the boom has brought to the state. Gina Lucero, president of Grow for Vets New Mexico, a new local chapter of a nationwide organization, spoke to reporters noting that, “New Mexico is really expanding.”

She said that the statistics speak for themselves, as in the past year alone, more than 44,000 in the state obtain medical cannabis.

According to Lucero, “I think people are becoming more and more aware of cannabis. We feel that veterans, of all people, they should get it for free, they shouldn’t have to pay for their card.”

She spoke about the technical issue fail, whereby in states where recreational cannabis is legal, the organization provides free medical cannabis directly to veterans. But that sadly isn’t the case in New Mexico, “There are so many veterans out there that need help and we need to be able to provide for them,” Lucero said.

But Lucero isn’t the only one happy about the booming medical cannabis market in New Mexico, Shanon Jaramillo from Cannabis NM Staffing also spoke to reporters, explaining how new jobs are being generated, “As they grow, they’re also looking to hire new people,” she said.

As New Mexico proudly boasts about it’s new industry, numerous other states, as well as countries in Europe and South America, are looking into instituting medical cannabis programs, in order to finally offer patients wanting a natural alternative to meds that option.

For example, Greece recently legalized medical cannabis, and Israel took steps to remove red tape for patients there wanting access to this alternative medicine.

[Image credit- Wikimedia.Commons]

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