1. Is Isolated CBD More Effective Than Whole-Plant Extract At Fighting Cervical Cancer?

CBD Extract

CBD is one of the main compounds found in cannabis. New compelling research has found that isolated CBD could be effective in the fight against cancer. In this case the fight against cervical cancer. But how compelling is the evidence really and is cannabis an alternative option to chemotherapy and radiation? To read the full article click HERE.

2. Reducing Potential Health Risks Associated With Cannabis

CBD smoking

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Not everyone knows that an estimated 4% of the world’s population take cannabis regularly for a whole host of issues. That translates to more than 160 million people globally. It’s vital to know about the health risks associated with medical cannabis use. We take a closer look. To read the full article click HERE.

3. Numerous Studies Claim Cannabis Speeds Up Metabolism

cannabis weight loss

The old stereotype of a cannabis user is that of a red-eyed stoner eating chocolate and cake all day, however, science is proving that nothing could be further from the truth. We took a look at numerous recent studies which conclude that cannabis may actually speed up metabolism and give those who take it a lower BMI than the average person. To read the full article click HERE.

4. Greece Legalizes Cannabis For Medical Use

Greece Cannabis

As state after state in the U.S. legalizes cannabis for medical purposes, the Greek government have just announced ground-breaking news, that they will move to fully legalize medical cannabis for patients. The move has been hailed by medical cannabis proponents, while big pharma, it was reported, stand to lose $5 billion annually as a result. To read the full article click HERE.

5. 81 Percent Of Pain Patients Prefer Cannabis Over Opiates

opiate cannabis

Studies regarding opioid addiction and overdoses in America are at record numbers recently. Take this study as an example, concluding that 81 percent of patients suffering from pain prefer to use cannabis over pharma drugs to manage their symptoms. With the current pharmaceutical epidemic sweeping America at the moment, many patients are comforted by these studies, and doctors are increasingly following suit too. To read the full article click HERE.

6. How Does THC Enter The Brain?

THC Brain

THC, the main compound found in cannabis, needs to make it to the brain, crossing the blood-brain barrier, in order to have it’s alleged medicinal effect. As such, THC needs to leave the bloodstream and make its way into the brain. The process is a complex one, and well-worth a closer look at. To read the full article click HERE.

7. Israel Set To Ease Red Tape For Medical Cannabis Patients

Israel Cannabis

Israel, a country at the forefront when it comes to medical cannabis, just announced they will be employing more physicians who can give cannabis to patients in need, cutting out months and sometimes years of red tape and unnecessary bureaucracy. To read the full article click HERE.

8. CBD From High-Grade Hemp Is Big Business In Switzerland

swiss cannabis

Hemp and CBD have been legal in Switzerland for a while now, but who knew it would turn into a viable and booking industry, generating untold revenue for thousands of people? The Swiss aren’t all about chasing the high-THC strains, and prefer to use the medical aspects of CBD to treat their conditions. To read the full article click HERE.


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