As medical professionals and government officials alike wake up to the realities of the current opioid epidemic sweeping North America, ‘Big Pharma’ are taking note too, and are developing more and more cannabis-based painkillers for patients.

When it comes ‘Big Pharma,’ money is the name of the game, and that fact is no secret. So when a number of companies recently realized that many patients said they actually prefer medical cannabis to addictive opioids, naturally, pharma companies wanted to capitalize on that.

A recent report from Reuters claims that Axim Biotechnologies, Nemus Bioscience, and Intec, all have medical cannabis products in development, with Axim in the process of creating a revolutionary cannabis-based chewing gum that delivers chronic pain relief, treats IBS, and combats opioid addiction.

At the same time, according to reports, Nemus are also developing products, in this case, a synthetic form of CBD, which they are currently testing on rats.

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Intec, an Israeli company at the forefront of medical cannabis research, have already announced that they are in the early stages of developing a painkiller made from natural CBD and THC extracts.

The FDA, compelled by overwhelming evidence, are also waking up. They recently instructed Endo International plc to remove one of its opioid-based painkillers from the market, alleging the drug’s risks far outweighed its benefits.

The fact that the cannabis plant is classified by the Federal government as a “Schedule I” drug, which means that to them it bares no medicinal value at all, research and development is challenging to say the least, especially as people in the medical field generally want to stay on the right side of the law.

On top of that, it isn’t so simple to research cannabis as it consists of so many different compounds, strains and methods of ingestion. However, even ‘Big Pharma’ know that it is something worth a much closer look at.

As the Pharma empires don’t wish to feel the pinch financially, it makes sense that they are ploughing their resources into the development of medical cannabis alternatives to strong narcotics.

When that happens, it is likely we will all see a marked increase in medical cannabis-based products on the market, which in the long run will hopefully save thousands of lives.

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