British Columbia–Canada-based Tilray, a GMP-certified frontrunner in medical cannabis research and production, has announced the availability of their all-new medical cannabis liquid capsules. The GAP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified company is one of the largest government-licensed medical cannabis cultivation facilities in the world, with local clientele as well as clients in Australia and Latin America. It is the first facility to produce and offer this type of capsule, available to order by phone or online.

“We are proud to offer patients one of the widest selections of GMP-grade medical cannabis products on the market, including Tilray drops and capsules,” says Philippe Lucas, Tilray’s Vice President of Patient Research and Access.

Tilray’s modern extraction methods preserve the cannabinoid content of the plant, and the new capsules are available in two varieties, with different levels of THC and CBD per capsule.

In addition to the newly released capsules, Tilray’s medical cannabis products include whole flowers and oils, and the company distributes to physicians, pharmacies, hospitals, research centers and, of course, to patients direct. The company recently announced that it would be shipping its new capsules to patients in Croatia, which in 2016 legalized medical cannabis. The capsules come in two versions: one contains 5.0 mg of THC and 5.0 mg of CBD per capsule, while the second contains 2.5 mg of THC and 2.0 mg of CBD. This will mark the first legal export of medical cannabis products from North America to a European country in recent history.

Professor Ognjen Brborović, Chairman of Croatia’s Committee for Medical Cannabis, said the deal signals the end of a 16-month process to give patients access to medical cannabis and adds, “I am glad that Croatia is the first EU country that will be able to assure that first-class cannabis extract oil is available in pharmacies.”

[Image credit: Pixabay]

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